Who Is Jesus? Sermon Series

Or rather who is Jesus to you? Not to your mother, your professor or coffee barista. Do you view him as your Savior or a slave master? Lord or liar? Or just a figment of someone’s imagination? Have you ever really thought about it? Let's face it, many questions we answer each day aren't very important. Would you like to super-size that? Do you think it's going to rain? You see, most of the questions we're asked each day don't have much of a permanent impact on our lives or future. At Friendship Church, we believe the question 'Who Is Jesus?' does.

Prior Lake Campus
4/20/14 Alive! Pastors Jon Tolly & Jim Barringer
4/27/14 Influencer! Pastor Keith Missel
5/4/14 A Friend to All! Pastor Keith Missel
5/11/14 Healer! Pastor Jon Tolly
5/18/14 True Light For Dark Days! Pastor Keith Missel
5/25/14 God! Pastor Jon Tolly
6/1/14 Our Rest! Pastor Jon Tolly
6/8/14 He Is King! Pastor Jon Tolly
Shakopee Campus
4/20/14 Alive! Pastors Keith Missel & Mike Golay
4/27/14 Influencer! Pastor Mike Golay
5/4/14 Healer! Pastor Mike Golay
5/11/14 A Friend To All! Pastor Keith Missel
5/18/14 God! Pastor Mike Golay
5/25/14 True Light For Dark Days! Pastor Keith Missel
6/1/14 Our Rest! Pastor Mike Golay
6/8/14 He Is King! Pastor Keith Missel