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Parent Companion Videos to the Explicit Lyrics series (covering the Song of Solomon)

YouTube Video
Week 4 - Monday
YouTube Video
Week 4 - Wednesday
YouTube Video
Week 4 - Friday


YouTube Video
Week 3 - Monday
YouTube Video
Week 3 - Wednesday
YouTube Video
Week 3 - Friday


YouTube Video
Week 2 - Monday
YouTube Video
Week 2 - Wednesday
YouTube Video
Week 2 - Friday


YouTube Video
Week 1 - Monday
YouTube Video
Week 1 - Wednesday
YouTube Video
Week 1 - Friday


Discussion Group Questions


Emojis Used In Sexting

Parents, chances are your student has a phone, or access to a phone. Did you know that the seemingly simple world of emojis, the happy faces, sad faces, etc.. has evolved into something much more shocking? Emojis are the new "sex language" students are using to talk to each other, suggest things, and share things. It is important for you to know what these emojis are meaning.


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