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There are several things to keep in mind as your group chooses a study to work through. As the leader, you should be keeping in mind where your group is both in terms of life stage and their individual spiritual walks. For example, a study on parenting for a group where most of the members are not yet parents may not be the best choice. Also if your group has several members that are new believers, it may be better to choose a Bible study that generally covers a book of the Bible rather than one that intensely studies a particular chapter. There are several other factors that really should be discussed within your group as you decide which study to choose.

  1. Bible Study or Topical Study – Does your group want to work through a particular book of the Bible or is there a particular topic that interests the group. One strategy is to do one type in the fall and the other type in the spring.
  2. Homework or not – It is important to honestly evaluate whether or not to choose a study that would require work or reading outside of group time. If choosing a study that would require that extra time, make sure the group is really committed to doing that.
  3. DVD, audio, or neither – This is also a big consideration. If the group is choosing to do a study that includes a DVD or audio portion, make sure that portion is small enough to still allow ample time for discussion.
  4. Cost – Some studies can get rather expensive (especially those including DVDs). Be aware of whether or not group member budgets can handle the study that is being chosen.

Leadership Helps

Example Sheet Of How To Keep Track Of Your Group Information (PDF)

Ice Breaker Questions (PDF)

Social Gathering And Service Project Ideas (PDF)



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