8/16/2017 Summer Alpha How Can I Make The Most Of The Rest Of My Life? Pastor Ron Brist PL
8/9/2017 Summer Alpha Does God Heal Today? Mike Foote PL
8/5/2017 Day Away Summer Alpha How Can I Be Filled With The Holy Spirit? Bob Lubbert PL
8/5/2017 Day Away Summer Alpha What Does The Holy Spirit Do? Charlie Hazzard PL
8/5/2017 Day Away Summer Alpha Who Is The Holy Spirit? Sam Dahl PL
8/5/17 Day Away Summer Alpha How Does God Guide Us? Pastor Rob Rees PL
8/2/17 Summer Alpha Baptism Pastor Rob Rees PL
7/26/17 Summer Alpha How Can I Resist Evil? Elder Brian Lubinski PL
7/19/17 Summer Alpha Why And How Should I Read The Bible? Greg Stratford PL
7/12/17 Summer Alpha Why and How Should We Pray? Pastor Ron Brist PL
7/5/17 Summer Alpha How Can I Have Faith? Elder Tim Whitmore PL
6/28/17 Summer Alpha Why Did Jesus Die? Elder Brian Lubinski PL
6/21/17 Summer Alpha Who Is Jesus? Elder Brian Lubinski PL
6/14/17 Summer Alpha Christianity: Boring, Untrue, Irrelevant? Jeff Engel PL
4/11/17 Summer Alpha What About The Church? Pastor Art Hanson PL
PL = Prior Lake, SH = Shakopee



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