The Hymn Project: Summer Edition


Throughout 2021, we participated in a year-long Hymn Project. We introduced 12 hymns throughout the year, seeking to connect our hearts and minds in worship as we learned the history about each hymn, the song writers, and why it’s important we not only just sing songs as worshipers, but also understand what we’re singing.

During the Summer of 2024, we’ll be diving into The Hymn Project: Summer Edition, where we’ll learn more about a handful of hymns and seek to continue what we practiced in the prior Hymn Project. We will introduce one new hymn each month in the week leading up to a Sunday via social media and email.

You can watch all of The Summer Edition videos below to learn more about the songs we’ll introduce this Summer. Below that are all of the videos released during the Hymn Project in 2021.

We also wanted to include two very important links to RightNow Media. Why? First, because RightNow Media is a media streaming platform made available from Friendship Church to our congregation and neighbors with great content for studying the Bible, small groups, and it even has great shows and series for children. The first link will help you sign up for free.

Second, because we’ve put together a channel of great resources already on RightNow Media that relate well to what we’re doing with The Hymn Project. As we seek to connect our hearts and minds in worship, using these additional resources available on RightNow Media can help us go even deeper in our understanding of many things related to worship.



Friendship Church, I am honored to serve as your Worship Pastor and I care deeply for our times of worship together. It is my prayer that we all continue to connect our hearts and minds as we consider the importance of the words we use to praise our God.

Joel Farber
Worship Pastor




The Hymn Project: Summer Edition Videos



Introduction to the Hymn Project: Summer Edition


June – The Doxology


July – To God Be The Glory


August – Fairest Lord Jesus


2021 Hymn Project Monthly Videos



January - It Is Well With My Soul


February - Christ Our Hope in Life and Death


March - Before The Throne



April - His Mercy Is More


May - Jesus Paid It All


June - Holy, Holy, Holy



July - How Deep the Father's Love for Us


August - A Mighty Fortress Is Our God


September - My Worth is Not in What I Own



October - I Surrender All


November - All Creatures of Our God and King


December - Hark! The Herald Angels Sing


Questions and Answers

Select the questions below to view the answers.

Hymns can be arranged in several ways but are often comprised of verses only. Some include verses and choruses. Lyrically and melodically, verses are sung the same from verse to verse with an occasional variation. Often times, hymns are written with a certain number of syllables per line. This is called the meter. For example, in It Is Well With My Soul, the meter is, which means in each verse the first line has 11 syllables, the second has 8, the third has 11, and the fourth has 9. This is repeated throughout the song. Because of the emphasis on these items when hymn writing, it is easier for people to catch on to these types of songs.

Yes. Some hymns are written for a certain period of time and so we’ll try to introduce it around that time of the year in 2021. For example, Holy, Holy, Holy was written for use around Trinity Sunday, which is the first Sunday after Pentecost, so we’ll aim to learn more about this hymn within that time frame. Other than that, some hymns are just good to sing.

NO! As mentioned above, our goal in worship, whether it’s music, teaching, reading, working, or in community is to worship God. My hope is that all will come and worship Christ for who He is because He deserves it.

Isn’t it amazing that there are songs that still exist that were written hundreds of years ago? There’s a reason that hymns have passed down from generation to generation. Many hymns were written around certain theological understandings, which makes them especially powerful in helping us to remember and understand these doctrines and how they apply to our life. You know how it’s easier to remember things when they’re put to song? Current songs have the same power, but we have to be careful when selecting them. Which is true for hymns too. The Christian Contemporary Music Movement was born in the 1960s and was a drastic shift in worship music from the traditional hymns the church had been singing for years. One issue that came with CCM, though, was a drop-off in teaching theology through music. This isn’t to say that it doesn’t exist in contemporary music. This also doesn’t mean that there weren’t errant teachings in songs and hymns prior to CCM. A part of why these movements and CCM came about, was in an effort to break away from the way church was being done and to reach different people groups. CCM artists may have been more concerned about the new styles of their songs and their poetic phrasing than sound doctrine. All said, we will still sing Contemporary Christian Music!

I recently learned about burning bush moments. It’s an interesting term for a simple concept. Like when God met Moses in the form of a burning bush, one would probably guess that moment for Moses was incredible and hard to forget.

God may not be appearing as a burning bush these days, but He is certainly revealing Himself to people in incredible ways that are hard to forget. Music is one way that God reveals Himself to us. Have you ever experienced a moment of worshiping the Lord that was so powerful, and whenever you hear that song thereafter, that moment comes afresh on you? That’s a burning bush moment. Some songs have ministered to people’s hearts that God used to call them to repentance and salvation. Those songs are burning bush moments. In bringing out some of these hymns this year, there are no doubt people of all ages within our congregation that will be ministered to by a hymn that was a burning bush moment for them.



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